WBC – Wine blogger conference

Since DWCC/EWBC closewd shop there is no wine blogger conference in Europe anymore. A few days ago #winelover – a community I was part in founding had it’s first symposium. This is not for wine bloggers or communicators in that sense, it was a working symposium for members that are more active – to try to find ways to go forward. To build a better and stronger community where more members are active.

Luiz Alberto, founder of #winelover

One point that came through was that there is a need of meeting points such as DWCC or EWBC. #Winelover do some events, such as hangouts, anniversaries and som trips that in part fill that – these do not try to be a conference or that kind of meeting place. We started out on social media, but as all know – IRL takes it to another level.

Over the years lots of US-citizens have come to Europe for the above mentioned conferences. We also have a good following in the US fot #winelover. When I started to look for a wine community around 2008-2009 I stumbled upon WBC – the Wine blogger conference. I’ve never gone there. Now it is high time. I got my ticket for WBC 2017, november 9-12 in Santa Rosa, California, USA. Tickets are available here!


There are still a few hours left if you want to buy the really early bird tickets. Wouldn’t it be a fun thing if lots of European wine bloggers/communicators came to the WBC 2017 🙂

See you there #winelover






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