Testimony of a wine junkie

Hi, welcome to Testimony of a wine junkie!

My name is Magnus Reuterdahl, since 2014 my main writing is done at Scandinavias biggest on-line magazine DinVinguide.se. I am also a founding member of #winelover and am in the #board of #winelover, actually I am dubbed King of them!

My wine writing started in a Swedish wine blog Aqua Vitae – Magnus Reuterdahls vinblogg, it is still active though not as much as before with some 15K posts since 2007. Here I do some post now and then in English and others are published at winelover.co

Me I’m 42 and living in Stockholm and Linköping, in Sweden, and my day job os as an archaeologist.

This is my personal blog, written by me with a little help from my fiancée. It’s a non-profit blog on the wines I buy, taste or wants buy. Some wines have been sent to me from importers, wineries or been tasted at invite tastings – if so this is mentioned in the text. A taste note from a tasting is of course a bit different than the notes from wines I’ve tasted at home – as this wine normally has been tasted with food, and on several occasions; when the bottle was opened, just before serving the food, with the food and the day after. I don’t grade wines, taste is something personal and even though it’s possible to grade a wine from different criteria’s – there are other that are better than me doing just that. I describe wine from my point of view 🙂 sometimes paired with food, sometimes paired with the story on the wine, winemaker or area or with something I connect with the wine. I also write on subjects close to wine, for examples other beverages, food and cultural history connected to this – most often from a swedish angle.

If you want to get in contact with me please do so via a comment or e-mail: aquavitae[at]live[dot]se. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

As I said welcome :)

Magnus Reuterdahl


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