‘Tis that time of year – Adegga wine market in Lisbon

Do you love Portuguese wine? Do you want to get a wider view of what Portuguese wine has to offer? Then you should come to Lisbon on December 1st for the Adegga wine market. I’ve been coming year after year and this is the shit. Andre Ribeirinho and his crew gives you a perfect experience of the Portuguese wine scene.

Andre Riberinho, Adegga

At the Adegga wine market you’ll meet 60 producers, most of them fronted by the wine maker or owner and of course with their current wines. This is a great time and place to get an idea of Portugal as it is right now. You’ll also meet a number of #winelover-s such as me, Andre, the Adegga gang, Roger Kolbu, Jim Budd and a lot of Portuguese #winelover-s.


As I know Andre I know there will plenty of great wines. This year you’ll also have a special selection of ecological wines and of course the premium room. The premium room is where you get to taste those wines you normally only read about. Read more about this year’s event here.

Earlier this year me, Roger and Fabien Laine published a top-list of wines from the Adegga in Porto through Adegga. I plan to do this again – I hope to get at least one of my friends with me this year as well (depending on who is joining me).

Roger Kolbu, Fabien Laine & Magnus Reuterdahl

The 21 wines last year was presented by Adegga and on the site where I do most of my writing DinVinguide.se – Swedens biggest on-line magazine on wine – see it here.

The Adegga wine market is not only a place to taste wine, eat good Portuguese food and meet great people – you can also buy some of your favorite wines. Come along – join me at Adegga, have fun and taste som fab Portuguese wines.

Magnus Reuterdahl



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