#winelover lets enjoy #drinkgreekwineweek

Sing me a song, you’re a singer
Do me a wine, you’re a bringer of good…
– Black Sabbath (more or less)

I would guess you can’t possibly missed out on the fact that Greece has some financial problems. Another fact is that Greece do good wine. By buying and consuming greek products you can help the people of Greece.

At the moment politicians and economists from everywhere are playing blame games, pointing fingers, adding logs to the fire. It’s like waiting to see who gets the bullit in a game of russian roulette. As the situation is, who cares who said the first bad word, who did what – as it is what we need is a longtime solution.

For me the best way to help is to make sure that the people in Greece has a job to go to. By buying & drinking wine and food from Greece we can support them and at the same time enjoy ourselves. It’s a win-win situation!

So I propose dear brothers and sister of #winelover let’s help Greece by sharing the message of thier great wines. I’m filling my glass with some great xinomavro from Tsantali!

Naoussa reserve xinomavro Tsantali


Magnus Reuterdahl


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