Me on the editorial board of

From today I am part of the the editorial board of ( – a Swedish on-line wine publication. This publication is mainly published in Swedish but there is a transalation tool, it works decently but not perfectly. If you have an answer please send a mail or leave a comment here.

Among the the other guys and girls on the editor board and amongs the contributors are a great bunch of wine, booze, beer and food writers – i f you want to get hold of them just do – they are great:

  • Fredrik Schelin – wine
  • Anders Levander – wine
  • Sofia Ander – wine
  • Karoline Nordenfors – food and booze
  • Anette Rosvall – food and wine
  • Jerry Lindahl – beer, booze, whisky etc
  • Jessica Denning – wine
  • Maja Berthas – wine
  • Gunnar Skoglund – wine
  • Raphael Cameron – photo and wine

A great bunch! Check us out here;


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