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Just returned from a wine trip and directly start to plan for the next one. Last weekend it was the Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the #winelover-community 2-year anniversary. There will be a few posts about in a few weeks, I just have to let the impressions sink in a bit. Meanwhile check out the brand new #winelover website!


The trip was very good, and I would like to give big thanks to Elena Roppa who arranged a lot of it, all the amazing producers who offered themselves and their wines and to all the wonderful #winelover-s who made the weekend amazing.

Elena Roppa
Elena Roppa

My next trip will once again take me back to Italy, this time around to Veneto and Lazise by Lake Garda , March 15th-17th. I will particpate in Anteprima Bardolino – A Preview Tasting of Bardolino and Bardolino Chiaretto from the 2013 vintage. There will be over 60 producers of Bardolino and Chiaretto present, with around 180 wines to taste.

Now I’ve had my share of Bardolino wines but to be honest, far from 180 so this will be interesting. In the Swedish Monopoly there are, currently, there are 8 wines from Bardolino in Sweden, four red and four rosé – not that many. There are probably more availabe through resturants and internet shops!

A few words on what’s to come.

Bardolino DOC wine is light red wines, often with fairly low alcohol content, about 10-11%. The wines are a blend made of corvina and rondinella that may be complemented by up to 20% molinara but must contain 35–65% corvina, with a 10% allowance made for its sub-variety corvinone. Bardolino have on occasion been compared with Beaujolais and in 1987 they introduced Bardolino Novello a kind of Italian Beaujolais nouveau. Other grapes that may be included are rossignola, barbera, sangiovese, garganega, marzemino, merlot and cabernet sauvignon.

Since 2001 the area also has DOCG status, Bardolino Superiore Classico, it is also a blend made of corvina and rondinella and must contain 35–65% corvina. These wines are slightly more robust and stronger than the DOC’s but still light and fruity.

Bardolino Chiaretto is the rosè wine, still and spumante, mainly made on local varietals such as corvina, rondinella and molinara . The last couple of years rosé has been the fortune market for the area and many has shifted their attention from the bardolinos to bardolino chiaretto, since 2008 the production has more than doubled, from 5 to 11 million bottles.

As I said I haven’t had many of these wines, mainly due to the lack of them at the monopoly, so I really look forward to this trip.

Anyone else coming – let me know 🙂

Magnus Reuterdahl



  1. Reblogged this on Magnus Reuterdahls vinblogg (Aqua Vitae) and commented:

    Då är nästa vinresa inlagd i kalendern, i mars blir det att återvända till Italien. Denna gång blir det till att åka till Lazise vid Garda sjön i vinregionen Veneto. Där kommer jag delta i en provning under namnet Anteprima Bardolini – A Preview Tasting of Bardolino and Bardolino Chiaretto årgång 2013. Mer än 60 Bardolino (lätta röda viner) och Bardolino Chiaretto (roséviner, både spumante och stilla) producenter visar upp mer än 180 viner (60/dag). Läs mer om det på min engelska blogg Testimony of a wine junkie!

    Magnus Reuterdahl

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