#winelover, 2 y.o., S:t Valentine, Trieste

Last year we celebrated one year as a community in Umbria, now we are one year older, lots of #winelovers have been joining us, today we’re 13300+ at facebook, and it’s time to celebrate again. This time we go northeast to Trieste, Friuli Venezia Giulia. We stay in Italy and as we are winelovers what day is better than Valentine’s Day. The schedule is packed and it’s gonna be funny as hell.

The schedule ras it stands right now, taken from Luiz Alberto’s blog the Winehub. So if you wanna come, 14-16 February, get more information via our facebook group.

14 February

Meet at 10:30 at ExpoMittelSchool of Trieste (Via San Nicolò, 5)

Meeting with winemakers of the Carso and tasting of indigenous varieties: Vitovska, Malvasia Istriana and Terrano.

Seminar: Prosecco or Glera? The name Prosecco is tied to the village of the Carso region that carries this name, but is Prosecco produced in the Carso?

Light Lunch

Seminar: Wine and Science, what is the relationship? Trieste is a city of science at an international level and we will meet with a geneticist who studies the relationship between genes, senses and diet. We will play with our senses and wine.

Let’s have a coffee in Trieste: A walk in the city with the night stars. Trieste is the meeting of sea and rock, enclosed by the gulf and the bluffs of the Carso. Its streets and its buildings live in a magical atmosphere of Central Europe.

Surprise dinner

15 February

09:00 Bus departure from Trieste

10:30 Arrive at the Cantina Produttori Cormons a Cormons in the heart of the Collio and tasting of the Vino della Pace. (Wine of Peace). The Vino della Pace is produced from experimental vines “Vigna del Mondo” that contain 883 vines from around the world. It is a vineyard established to protect biodiversity and establish a worldwide sample of existing varieties.

Light Lunch

14:00 Meeting with winemakers at Rocca Bernarda. The winery is situated in an ancient castle that dates back to the 1500’s on a hill from which one enjoys a beautiful panorama of vineyards and nature. Tasting of wines from indigenous varieties of the area with several producers present.

17:30 Visit the town of Cividale del Friuli, a declared UNESCO heritage site, for its history and uniqueness. It holds one of the most important national archeological museums and through the historic center winds pedestrian alleyways lined with historic buildings.

19:00 Wine Party at Bastianich of Cividale del Friuli. Wine, music and fun exclusively for #winelover-s

Return to Trieste in the evening

16 Febuary

09:00 Bus departure from Trieste

10:30 Meeting with winemakers at a winery in the Collio and Isonzo area: to welcome us, many producers of the area will present their wines for tasting.

Light Lunch

14:30 Visit of Aquileia, a declared UNESCO heritage site, one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire. The open-air archeological sites and the mosaics of the cathedral, including the largest floor mosaic in the Christian world, are among the most precious artifacts.

16:00 Meeting with winemakers at Foffani in Clauiano. The winery is in a small historic village, one of the “Borghi Più Belli d’Italia” (most beautiful villages in Italy) and every year hosts an international exhibit of mosaic art. Here we will taste diverse wines of the area.

Return to Trieste in the evening.

Magnus Reuterdahl



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