Of all the *** joints in all the towns…

Whilst being in Spain for the DWCC tasting some fantastic wines from wineries such as Glorosio, Vina Pomal, Palacio, Vina Tondonia, Roda and La Rioja Alta and many many more we found something else as well.

Whoa yeah
Ooh, it’s cold gin time again
You know it’ll always win


In Spain it is not the cheapest stuff that’s in demand, it is premium gin and gin drinks. And they got loads of different gin brands, most of them I’ve never seen or heard of.  I like gin and refreshing drinks like gin and tonic. But as with anything else when you have tasted a few you learn that there are some that are better than others. In Spain I learned you can get down and nerdy when it comes to your gins, to your tonics and the fruit you have in the drinks – it makes a world of difference.

Brockmans premium Gin (800x530)

Through a friend we got hold of Brockmans premium gin. It is smooth, has hints of blackberries, blueberries, violets and oranges and in the end a pinch of grape bitterness rather than juniper berries and some aromatic spices.

Fever-tree Tonic Water (800x732)

Brockmans gin and tonic (480x800)As I wrote earlier there are plenty of gin brands, many of them completly new to me. Luckily it turned out a friend of mine works Brockmans and gave me an introduction. He also showed us how to drink as they do in Spain, in this case with Fever tree tonic, pink grapefruit and lots of ice. After tasting it: Hell yeah – this is the way you do it!

It is fresh, smooth and just delicious. This is a gin & tonic but its more modern and sofisticated than what I’m used to. If you have a problem with the bitterness and harshness that sometimes might be present in gin (I don’t, I like that as well) this is a gin for you.

As I can’t get hold of Brockmans gin in Sweden I got a sample to take home – the other night it was time to get a flash back of Spain – doing it with some British produce – great stuff!

After tasting this I can’t wait for the gin revolution to hit Scandinavia – I want to taste more gin.


Magnus Reuterdahl


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