Adegga it!

Y’better come inside when you’re ready to…
But no chance if you don’t wanna port
You like four letter words when you’re ready to…
But then you won’t ‘cos you know that you can

You got it, but are you gettin’ it?


Just a few days until I hit Portugal and Lisbon. I’m going to the Adegga wine market 2013. I’ve been wanting to go for quite some time and this year I’m on my way – Finally! And  I hope to see many a winelover onsite!

I like to find a little statistics, in this case how many Portuguese wines are available at the Swedish monoploy Systembolaget. The monopoly is somewhat of an oddity and jungle. First you have some 400+ regular stores, these are in turns separated according to size. Some products you’ll find in all of them, some in a few, but the wines you find in them are part of the in store sortiment.

Then the importers have a selection on order, i.e. wines the importers have in stock, but not in stores. These wines might qualilfy to the in store sortiment if they sell enough. As a costumer you can order these wines and get them to your local store in about 8 working days. This sortiment I call importers sortiment.

Red Wines: 46 (in store) + 93 (importers sortiment) = a total of 139
White wines: 11 (in store) + 35 (importers sortiment) = a total of 46
Rosé Wines: 7 (in store) +8 (importers sortiment) =a total of 15
Port Wines: 39 (in store) +63 (importers sortiment) = a total of 102
Madeira Wines: 14 (in store) +3 (importers sortiment) a total of 17

All in all we can get some really good portuguese wines, but there are also a bunch of BiB- wines and cheap ones. Since a few years back there are also a growing market of on-line wine shops that helps diversify the Swedish market. These stores can sell wine, beer and spirits to individuals legally under certain conditions, including that they have their warehouse in another EU country, that they are registered at the Swedish tax authorities, they pay taxes and duties, that all this is paid before the beverage is delivered to the customer and then some more. For me as a customer, this is a market that is becoming increasingly attractive.

I also looked at the producers at Adegga 2013 and who has a Swedish importer, I might have missed some of you, if so please let me know.

  • Azamor – Alentejo
  • Campolargo – Bairrada
  • Casa da Passarela – Dão
  • Casa de Cello – Dão e Vinhos Verdes
  • Casa de Darei – Dão
  • Casa de Mouraz – Dão e Vinhos Verdes
  • Casa Ferreirinha – Douro
  • Cortes de Cima – Alentejo
  • Dão Sul – Dão – Swedish importer: Multibev AB/Prime Wine
  • Esporão – Alentejo e Douro
  • Fonte de Gonçalvinho – Dão
  • Herdade do Cebolal – Peninsula de Setúbal
  • Herdade do Mouchão – Alentejo
  • Herdade do Peso – Alentejo
  • Herdade do Portocarro – Peninsula de Setúbal
  • Horta de Gonçalpares – Beira Interior
  • João M. Barbosa Vinhos – Tejo e Alentejo
  • João Portugal Ramos – Alentejo –  Swedish importer: Hermansson & Co AB
  • José Maria da Fonseca – Peninsula de Setúbal –  Swedish importer: The WineAgency Sweden AB
  • Julia Kemper – Dão –  Swedish importer: Wicked Wine Sweden
  • Niepoort – Porto e Douro –  Swedish importer: Wicked Wine Sweden
  • Paulo Laureano – Alentejo
  • Poças – Douro e Porto –  Swedish importer: Scandinavian Wine & Food KB
  • Quinta da Lapa – Tejo
  • Quinta das Carrafouchas – Lisboa
  • Quinta de Chocapalha – Lisboa –  Swedish importer: Handpicked Wines Sweden
  • Quinta de Lemos – Dão
  • Quinta de Sant’Ana – Lisboa
  • Quinta do Gradil – Lisboa
  • Quinta do Noval – Porto e Douro  –  Swedish importer: Sigva AB
  • Quinta do Monte d’Oiro – Lisboa
  • Quinta do Pôpa – Douro
  • Quinta do Portal – Douro e Porto –  Swedish importer: Caves du Vineum i Sverige
  • Quinta do Vale Meão – Douro e Porto –  Swedish importer: Vinovativa AB
  • Quinta dos Carvalhais – Dão
  • Quinta Nova – Douro e Porto
  • R4 Vinhos – Douro
  • Rui Roboredo Madeira – Douro e Beira Interior –  Swedish importer: Herdenstam Vinhandel
  • Sogevinus – Douro e Porto –  Swedish importer: Prime Wine Sweden AB
  • Symington – Douro e Porto –  Swedish importer: Domaine Wines Sweden AB
  • Torre do Frade – Alentejo

See you in Lisbon!

Magnus Reuterdahl


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