DWCC the Rioja chronicles: Dressed for sucess

When going to a conference there’s most a often a participant package, so also at DWCC. I’m notoriously bad on reading those but this year I did and found that there was a dress code mentioning something about old AC/DC t-shirts from high school etc might not be the thing. Well I wear my original 1990-something T-shirt with pride – in Stockholm, Vienna, Brecia, Izmir and Rioja.

Rioja Forum #DWCC

I posted about this on facebook, mainly as a joke, but after the response there and on the BYOB party in Rioja, I felt obliged to wear it during day one of the conference.

Motörhead Magnus Reuterdahl
Photo: Ricardo Bernardo 2013

Best thing about the #DWCC is that there is room for everyone, the people, the participants, are what really makes this show rock – and once again proven that almost everyone who love wine has class. Of course there are great talks, workshops, tastings and winery trips. But the thing you bring home are all the great talks, ideas and flavors. Due to this I illustrated this post with participants and #winelover -s instead of wines.

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Rioja is Rioja. There is without doubt some fantastic wines made here, both traditional and modern. There is oak, red fruits, vanilla, flowers, there are big wines, there are slim wines but not as much talk of natural and bio-dynamics as in many other parts. Another thing that isn’t mentioned as much as in other wine regions is the word terrior (though it was mentioned in the conference).

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I talked with both wine makers and other participants about this and maybe it comes down to oak and the style of wines being made. Wines that are a bit more aged, sometimes quite a lot, where oak is an important part of the wine. Perhaps this is more obvious in the traditional wines than the moderns but the wines tends to be quite timeless, where the wine makers keeps to the recipe, so to speak. Another thing that might play a part is that many has quite a lot of hectares of vineyards spread over large areas.

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In the modern style there has been movents towards single vineyards wines, single garpe wines etc and that might give more room for the terrior to play a bigger roll. One can also question what terrior is, does it stop with the grape or should you also include the wine making and possibly social factors?

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Among the things I found most interesting was the Rioja Blanco. I had several very nice white wines. I also had quite a lot good Rioja Joven, i.e. young wines made to be drunk young. These have much less or no oak as well and makes great food wine. if one really seeks terrior diffrences in Rioja I think these are the wines to use. Then we also got to meet a few very small wineries that I would love to follow and at last I also got to taste natural Rioja, made in the vast amount of 250 bottles – great stuff!

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Many thanks to the DWCC people, you know who you are, and all the participants that made this yet another great show and of course big thanks to all #1618 visitors who made the nights rock!


Magnus Reuterdahl #winelover #suite1618inhabitant #dwccparticipant!



  1. Great blog, Magnus, and I just love that you posted about people! Love the photos. And I am inspired. Instead of trying to look “professional” I am going full goth next year and wearing Death in June shirts.

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