EWBC has become DWCC…

…and we’re going to Rioja, October 25-27 and then a few extra days. This is my fourth appearance at the EWBC/DWCC and still I feel a kid on my way to candy store or perhaps on my way down to the attic.

Toys, toys, toys (Think wines, wines, wines)

In the attic
Toys, toys, toys
In the attic

First things first – its the BYOB-party and what do bring. I got a few fun bottles, in the attic, but what to bring – I know it wont be anything Spanish ’cause we’ll have plenty of that in the days to come, but it’ll be something good!

What I’m looking forward to and will immerse myself in is Rioja Blanco, small producers, bio and or natural wine and if possible Spanish amfora or orange wine also called Vino Naranja, though I’m not sure its made in Rioja.

Though wine is a great thing I must confess the people (#winelover -s and winnerds) is the ral reason that i go year after year 😉 See you there!

If you have any exciting produvcers for me to keep an eye out for – please let me know.

More on the event read the DWCC webpage.

Magnus Reuterdahl



  1. What about any organic white Rioja’s wine, made by a oenology&viticulture professor, on the basis of one of the most unknown and minoritary grapevarieties from Spain, the White Tempranillo? Then, you have to taste Ad Libitum Tempranillo Blanco! “Vino Naranja” comes from Huelva, in the Southern West of Spain. In Rioja, I’d recommend you tasting “Supurado Wine”, it’s just amazing!

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