Et tu Grillo…

I must admit, I’m promiscuous … when it comes to grape love – I constantly find new mistresses and always checks out the next “minxy” grape. At present grillo has got my full attention. A few days ago I got back from a fantastic wine bloggers trip to Sicily and I’ve got plenty to write home about, there will be posts on grapes as perricone, catarratto, nero d’Avalo, inzola, zibbibo, grecanio etc etc…

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I admit I’m a #sicilylover, #winelover and now also a #grillolover. This time around it was all about West Sicily; Marsala and Menfi, on a trip arranged by Regione Siciliana – Istituto Regionale Vini e Oli, in collaboration with Fermenti Digitali / Proposta.

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Grillo is a versitile grape; some wines has a lovely freshness, a subtle fruitness, stunning acids and finish that goes towards the Sea with some saltiness. In the next you might find a wine where the fruit is warmer and sweeter, with exotic fruits and or has aromatic notes – that takes it towards a sauvignon blanc. And when you think you got it – you find yourself with a slightly oxidized wine with fresh fruits and great complexity – one that just blows your taste buds away.

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It’s a wine makers grape, it’s a grape that brings terrior, it’s a winelovers grape! It is obvious that the terrior is importatant as well as the wine making when it comes to the style of wine. In this case there is also another thing in play; there are two biotypes of grillo, called A and B. A tends to have more acids, lower sugar and more citrus flavours and B more sugar, tropical fruit and aromatic spice.

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Grillo wines goes perfect with the West Sicilian cuisine with lots of mussels, prawns, sea-urchins, shrimps, lobsters etc etc… (not to forget egg plant).

As I came home and started looking for all these fantastic wines – I found nada! Almost, what I found is mostly industrial boring stuff and that’s the other side of the coin – there’s plenty of that as well. Then again there are more than 200 producers around Marsala and Menfi, so there’s bound to be few unintersting – but let’s concentrate on the good ones. Here is a shortlist of grillo producers to keep an eye open for:

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Barraco, Marco de Bartoli, Fondo Antico, Donnafugata, Funaro, Gorghi Tondi, Fazio Wines, Caruso & Minini, La Divina Abbadessa, Colombo Bianca, Ferreri e Bianco, Baglio Cristo di Campobello.

There will be more… but check out my fellow bloggers the Winehub, Vindeling, Cheap, VinoPigro and Aristide.

The trip was part of a sponsored blogger tour of the Western Sicily.

Magnus Reuterdahl



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