Puppy love, Zinfandel and #winelover

A few weeks ago Ridge Vineyards main man since 1969 Paul Draper visited Stockholm to present his wines and hold a winetasting staring five vintages of Ridge Monte Bello.

Paul Draper Ridge Vineyards

Ridge was one of the first wow-experiences I had with wine. Making me realize there is something beyond the buzz; something more eclectic, something that speaks directly to your emotions. I’ve had the pleasure of tasting many such wines and I hope to taste many more (for example these) – that’s in a way the essence of being a #winelover – To boldly go where no taste buds has gone before – or at least not mine, and then to retry it and enjoy it and remember it – preferably in company with good friends.

Ridge Geyserville

Most people I know, including myself, tend to cling on to the memory of our puppy loves, high school sweethearts or firsts, though most often the memories tend to be better than reality. I don’t know if you gone back to that restaurant you loved many years ago, or to that favorite bottle of wine from your teens – most often that really doesn’t turn out good as we have evolved over time.

Ridge Monte bello

Ridge turns out to be something else though, this is a first love that still holds true and keeps on giving. I bought my first bottle in circa 1995, a Geyserville, and fell head over heels in love. Since then I bought a few bottles every year, except for a few when I was at University, and they always deliver and still do.

Read my report about the tasting at BKWine Magazine!


Magnus Reuterdahl


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