Happy Midsummer’s eve!

This is one of the biggest weekends in Sweden – midsummer. It the day when almost everyone celebrates, eats good food and drink plenty of “nubbe/snaps” (spiced vodka).


Traditionally  many eats pickled herring and summer potatoes for lunch – to this you need plenty of lager and nubbe. As you drink you sing what is called snaps songs or nubbe songs – short songs, normally that rimes which ends in a cheer.

Though it seldom sounds this nice but you get the idea:

snapsHelan går
Sjung hopp faderallan lallan lej
Helan går
Sjung hopp faderallan lej
Och den som inte helan tar
Han heller inte halvan får
Helan går
Sjung hopp faderallan lej

It’s difficult, if not impossible to translate, but it concerns the drinking – and the order how and when you should drink – helan går – means that you drink the whole shot, and that everyone should do it, and if you don’t drink it all, you can’t have the small shot later (halvan).

Well, I’m going back to the celebrations, and I promise I have wine as well: Champagne, Chianti Vlassico and Tokaj – and wish you all the best for midsummer’s eve and the summer to come 🙂

Magnus Reuterdahl


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