Where once vines stood tall…

Kirschblute am Mittelrhein Kestert
Kirschblute am Mittelrhein Kestert

I found an old book a few days ago: Deutschland in Bildern – Städte und Landschaften from 1922. My German isn’t all that up to date and when written in fracture style letters it isn’t easier. In this case though it is mainly a photo book with pictures taken between ca 1910-20 so it really wasn’t all that hard.

Endingen am Kaiserstuhl
Endingen am Kaiserstuhl

In the book are several pictures of cities, villages, landscapes and monuments – capturing Germany at the time. Then as today they cultivated vines, by Mosel, by Rhine as well as in other parts.

Die Katharinenkirsche bei Oppenheim
Die Katharinenkirche bei Oppenheim

Here a but a few of the pictures, pictures that in one way or another concerns vineyards, and though perhaps more the landscapes might be a tad more pastoral than today, it’s not really that much of a difference.

Karden an der Mosel
Karden an der Mosel

 Though I can’t say for sure, in all cases, there’s still a good chance that these places are still cultivated with vines, and that they will be for a foreseeable future.

Ruine Ehrenfels bei Assmannshausen am Rhein
Ruine Ehrenfels bei Assmannshausen am Rhein

So as I miss ProWein this year I still get to enjoy Germany a bit through these pictures – to all my freinds and to all #winelovers have a great ProWein and Winelovers hangout in Mosel.

Magnus Reuterdahl



  1. What a wonderful find! And I would agree that most of these areas still look very similar. I love the view of Katharinenkirche in Oppenheim, just in my hometown’s neighborhood. The vines are still there (but they have been replanted since).

    Two minor, minor spelling mistakes: It is Katharinenkirche and it should be Assmannshausen.

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