Georgian flash backs


I got a question earlier today reminding me of Georgia. That got me looking back on pictures and remembering a very special trip. It’s been a few months since we got back and what lingers on besides the wines are the people we met. The warmth and the hospitality and all the singing.


One of our last visits were at the Shumi winery. Here we where met by wines, chacha making, cooking and of course singing. Even though it was cold outside we were all warm inside.


We got bread made in a qvevri-like oven, not unlike the way I’ve seen nan-bread being made – though these looks more like a baguette.


They made chacha, a kind of grappa, and served it straight out of the distillation machine.

pork 2

We got grilled pork…

grilled pork

…we got Khinkali, a kind of Georgian Dumplings filled with, juicy pork-and-beef-filled and spiced with chiles, cilantro and fenugreek. Will have to try to do this at some point – really nice.

Georgian Dumplings

I found this recipe.


And of course there were singing and cheering…

…and wines 🙂

Shumi wine 2

Good memories from a fantastic tour of Kakethi, Georgia.

Magnus Reuterdahl



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