Velvet structure fever

Neal Martin Pomerol 2

Neal MartinI’m a metal head and winelover. When you find something that combines the two, that kind of makes it that much better.

Yesterday I met Neal Martin, the Wine Advocates man in the UK, at a Pomerol tasting in Stockholm curtisy of RobersonWineSweden. This night was a double whammy, eight Pomerols in eight glasses, spanning from 1985-2007, and then Pomerol in a book. The combo was wine and prints as Neal Martin presented his small book on Pomerol, just including the most important stuff, and great photo art by Johan Berglund.

Neal Martin Pomerol

Though the cover of the book might suggest shades of grey this is far from 50 shades of grey it is rather 596 pages of velvet, starting up with a Motörhead reference. This got me even more hooked than I was before starting to read it,  I have to admit I was already hooked on Pomerol. Neal Martin asks if Motörhead is an appropriate way to begin a book on Pomerol and I answer with Wendy O Williams words: It’s my life, and I do what I wanna, do what I wanna do… so yes it is!

I’ll get back back to the book regarding the iron fist in the velvet glove and the eight wines we tasted as soon as I’m done with it.


What I can say about the book after reading the first 50 pages or so is that it really is a book rather than an encyclopedia, with lots of fun little extras, in modern terms easter eggs, such as cultural references, anecdotes, photos and notes on great vintages Neal have tasted etc, etc…  Buy it enjoy it and while you at it by a few Pomerols as well as a side dish to the book!

I was invited to the tasting as a blogger and got the book for free!

Magnus Reuterdahl

Ps. As I guess many of you know Roberson Wine is also available in the UK 😉 Ds.


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