Natural wines – some interesting producers

A few weeks ago I tasted the wines of Swedish wine importer Vin & Natur, run by Ulf Ringius and Emil Broomé, who has worked as sommeliers at Noma & Relæ in Copenhagen and Trio in Malmö. They have a nice collection of mainly natural wine producers. A full story on the tasting is available in Swedish at BKWine Magazine as well as a short in English.  A few producers that I find really exiting are:

  • Julie Balagny,
  • Andrea Calek,
  • Aurélien Laherte,
  • Domaine de l’Octavin,
  • Noëlla Morantin,
  • Olivier Horiot,
  • Domaine Montanet-Thoden,
  • Michel Guignier,
  • Domaine des Cavarodes La Grande Colline,
  • Mas Coutelou,
  • Hervé Villemade,
  • Noëlla Morantin,
  • Domaine Derain och
  • Domaine du Perron

Magnus Reuterdahl


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