#winelover-s under the grace of the angels of Eisenstadt

I’ll write one name: Luiz Alberto (the WineHub). If you met him, you’ve like me seen his love for wine, for photography and of course on-line communication, via blogs, facebook groups and on twitter (Anyone that sees any similarities between the two of us?). I met him in Vienna at the EWBC 2010 and then again in Franciacorta 2011 and as it happens a few days ago in Konstanz, Germany, and then again a few days later in Eisenstadt, Austria.

Luiz Alberto with Bianca & Noel Pusch at Mainau

But I’m getting ahead of myself, the last couple of weeks we’ve been on vacation, and what is a vacation without wine? We started out in Konstanz, Germany, got to Eisenstadt, Austria, traveled to Somlójenő, Hungary and Halbturn, Austria before returning to Sweden. A short car ride taking us ca 4000 kilometer there and back again.

In Konstanz we attended the same wedding where another fellow winelover, Noel Pusch, got his bride. From this we planned to go on to Austria for a first #winelover hangout. If you been to any of the last two EWBCs you’ll most of names of the attendees:

Me & Wayne Young

Elisabeth Gstarz, Elisabeth Seifert, Istvan Stephan Spiegelberg, Lotte Karolina Gabrovits, Pál Gabrovits, Wayne Young, Thomas N. Burg, Thomas Ungrad, Peter Handzus, Franz Schneider, Rudi Wagentristl, Luiz Alberto, Nanci Bergamo and me and Anne. I hope I haven’t missed anyone.

Nanci Bergamo, Thomas N Burg & Peter Handzus

To paraphrase Cinderella: Oh, well. What’s a #winelover hangout? After all, I suppose it would be frightfully dull, and-and-and boring, and-and completely… Completely wonderful 🙂 or as Barnabus “Barney” Stinson would put it, wait for it:

This was truly wonderful and yes we owned Eisenstadt for a night and a breakfast 🙂 It’s always great to meet other #winelover members, and even more great when they’re friends and bringing great wines to share. Where winelovers meet, great wine resides and great conversations are spun. In total I think I got to taste about 25 wines, all good, exiting and fun. Most of the wines and winelovers attending should be in the pics in this post.

Istvan Stephan Spiegelberg, Lotte Karolina Gabrovits & Pál Gabrovits
Franz Schneider & Rudi Wagentristl

The night ended but we met up for goodbye’s at breakfast.

Thomas Ungrad & Wayne Young
Thomas N Burg & Elisabeth Seifert

So to sum it up big thanks to Luiz for setting it all up and a big thanks to Elisabeth Gstraz for fixing the restaurant and helping out with finding a some living quarters and of course a big thank you for who attended and made this a night to remember.

Elisabeth Gstarz

There will be more post from our German/Switzerland/Austria/Hungary trip in the coming days.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Finally but not least – the wines (in no particular order)



  1. […] Winelovers hangout och träffas informellt Snart hade vi, jag och ett gäng andra vinnördar från olika håll i världen beslutat oss att hitta ett bra sätt att binda samman våra foton, våra inlägg och andra avtryck på nätet från EWBC och låta detta bli en plattform för en fortsättning. Resultatet: #winelover.  #winelover finns idag som en grupp på facebook med över 11000 medlemmar, ungefär samma antal på twitter och många använder den också på instagram och andra sociala medier. Givetvis ville vi också använda detta nätverk att kunna träffas lite mer informellt. Det kallar vi #winelovers hangout. På drar man i gång en Bring your own bottle (BYOB) träff – annonserar det via twitter och eller facebook och vips har man en IRL-hangout. Det första gick av stapeln juli 2012 i Eisenstadt, Österrike. […]

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