#winelover -s wedding in Konstanz

The last few days we’ve been in Konstanz visiting Noel and Bianca Pusch as they celebrated their wedding. The wedding ceremony was a two parter, first at the city hall (at the rat haus) and then at the island Mainau. We had the opportunity to visit both. For you who don’t know Noel – he’s a wine merchant in Konstanz that we met at the EWBC in Austria (2010) as well as Franciacorta (2011). For the first wedding we got wines from his “stable”. And they proved the Whitesnake tune wrong…

…there is love in the city!

Noel and Bianca

Besides the bride and groom we’ve also met up with Franz Schneider, from Artisan wines who brought wines for the wedding, and his girlfriend Ulli and the Wine hub: Luiz Alberto and his wife Nanci as well 🙂

Franz and Ulli
Luiz and Nanci

As theses have been days of parties and get togethers I really haven’t been taking notes – so this is from memory!

We got a couple of really nice German wines from Boden at the first wedding day; a sekt from from Alexander Laible, chardonnay brut, a sauvignon blanc from weingut Tement and a spätburgunder from Alexander Laible.

I must say that Alexander Laible is a really interesting winemaker that I really would like to try more from: spot on wines, great balance, good handicraft!

At the wedding, at the beautiful island Mainu, the next day the wines kept coming, it started with a another sekt labeled Schloss Mainau, though the wine is not from the island but from the Boden lake area…

…and then Franz’s wines; Artisan Halbturn white and Pure St Laurent (to Peder at Handlavin.se you need to get your hand on some magnum bottles – pronto!) – and we also got to taste the upcoming Halbturn white that’s yet to be released as well the Pure Sauvignon blanc etc. If you yet haven’t tried Franz’s wines yet – it’s high time you do, they’re very good.

Of course it didn’t stop there, we met up with Franz before the wedding sharing a Riesling from Robert and Manfred Aufricht: a 2011 Riesling trocken – a nice well made wine. A few days later we tried the Weissburgunder Meersburger Sonnenufer 2010 trocken – also a really good wine. Both really good together with food.

In the city we also tried a rosé made from spätburgunder by wiengut Markgraf von Baden at Schloss Salem. Again a very nice wine, well balanced and a good with asian food.

Then we spent another day with the winehub and his wife and the winepuscher (Noel Pusch) andhis wife, trying out Luiz’s new board game, of course concerning wine. Fun but rather difficult – I will stand in line when productions is on! Of course we also had a few bottles of wine: Vermention 2010 Tenuta Guado al Tasso and then some Rieslings from Weingut Spiess: 2011 Kalkmergel – all good things 🙂

Today we meant to go to kloster Andesch with Luiz and Nancy, unfortunatly we didn’t get a room so we been in Konstanz today. We took a tour of the supermarkets buying some random wines; the first one is my glas right now: Weingut Pix Kaiserstuhl 2008 Spätburgunder. A nice wine, perhaps a tiny bit unbalanced with a little too much acidity but it works… 🙂

Btw in a few days we’re off to Austria and a #winelover -s hang-out in Eisenstadt 🙂 (who will come – look here! )

Magnus Reuterdahl in Konstanz



  1. […] Konstanz är en pittoresk stad vid Bodensjön precis mot den Schweiziska gränsen och är kanske inte mest känd för sina viner; dock Noel Pusch är vinimportör och saké-expert och på bröllopet fanns också Franz Schneider och hans viner (finns i Sverige via Handlavin.se) och thewinehub Luiz Alberto – med andra ord #winelover -s all around. Läs om det här. […]

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