Forbidden Grüner – grapes from the garden of Eden?

After reading about Forbidden Grüner one starts to wonder if it was a grape Eve gave Adam and not an apple, and if it was a gruner veltliner? The Laurenz V. Forbidden Grüner Veltliner 2011 is named after the winemakers thoughts of seduction and forbidden fruit from the garden of Eden during the process of making of the wine.

The wine is a sample that I got from the producer Laurenz V. ( together with a few more of their wines, I’ll try these at a later date.

The producers Laurenz Maria Moser V, Franz Schweiger and Dieter Hubler started to produce wines in 2005. Laurenz Maria Moser V. Comes from the famous wine maker family Lenz Moser where perhaps Professor Dr. Lorenz Moser III is the best known due to his vine trellising system ”Lenz Mosel Hocherziehung”.

This is a fruity and concentrated with hints of exotic fruit and hints of grapefruit. It got a nice acidity and freshness, it is a little sweeter from the bottom of the wine and a little deeper and rounder with an almost a little buttery tone than I’m used to from a grüner veltliner. However, it has also a nice rocky minerality and a bit of white peppers with a nice sting in the end. I must admit that it is a good, interesting and fun wine that has both charm and elegance. The slightly sweeter style is if I understand it correctly, an older style that is not so common today, giving a wine that I think is a little closer to German rieslings in style, though you still got the tastes of grüner in the wine.

That it has characteristics of Riesling is perhaps not so surprising when you read up on the wine. The producers have looked into the Riesling production in Germany and after two years of experiments they got the wine they were looking for. I think this is really nice – a wine to enjoy on its own, along with others, for food or as a party wine.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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