Old maps of France

Love old maps, they such beauts – unfortunately this map from 1593 by Cornelis de Jode from Speculum Orbis Terrarum. It’s a hand colored copper engraving showing Vermandois (in Picardy) and engraved by Joannes and Lucas van Deutecum has a few tears and repairs and is in a rather poor condition – still its beautiful.

Another thing that would enhance it would be a connection with vineyards on it. An interesting thing is that my interest in History and old things also get me interested in the regions and there local food and wine traditions. Picardy is a northern region in France. I can’t say that I’ve tasted any wines from this region, though I’ve tasted some local Calvados and ciders from Bray (in the middle of map spelled Braÿ). If you have any tips on Picardy wines I would love to have them 🙂

Magnus Reuterdahl



  1. I love old maps too, but I think you’ll have to find some mad Englishman with a second home and some land to find any vines these days. Guess what vineyards there were disappeared after phylloxera.

    • @Wink Lorch LoL after some googling I find that to be true, but then again there are people making wines in Denmark as well as in Sweden som wines can be made almost everywhere – then it comes down to quality and price 🙂

      @Ward . isn’t it lovely, got a few from the south as well though not 16th century and then again I got a better knowledge of those areas as they are known for wines 🙂

  2. I’m not aware of any wine from Picardy – cider though! The locals like to make it for themselves – very strong stuff, you can smell it when you walk past the barns when they open the bottle! Janine at The Good Life France

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