Let me tell you about the birds and the bees… and the EWBC Scholarship

First things first –  what is EWBC?

– EWBC is the European wine bloggers conference or as it nodays is called the Digital Communications Conference, read more about that at their webpage. By the way this year it will take place in Izmir, Turkey from 9th to 11th of November 2012.

Me (Magnus Reuterdahl) and fellow EWBC alumni Aleksi Mehtonen wanted to give something back and most years other alumnis have been successful in giving the opportunity for at least one wine communicator to be able to take part in the EWBC through donations or sponsorship. Now our goal is to help at least two persons to come to Turkey and take part in this event thats why we’ve started this project; the EWBC Scholarship.

  • First the EWBC Scholarship is a separate site and project from the official EWBC Conference.
  • Second we need sponsors – that could be you! 
  • Third we need applications – this could be you!

The more donations the more people we can help!

If you want to donate or apply for a scholarship click this link to our webpage to learn more. We also need to create a buzz concerning this so please, share this post, tweet it or write something about on your blog or webpage!

If you have any questions contact us here

Magnus Reuterdahl



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