Is wine tasting a modern thing?

Of course its not, I guess as long as there has been wine made in more than one place people have compeered them with each other – hence some kind of wine tasting. The question that comes to mind is did they taste as we do today, for example blindly, did they try to compeer notes etc? Well I’ve not come across a Decanter or Wine Advocate from historic times but I stumbled on something that in some sort of small way could be said to an embryo.

In a Swedish book called Konsten att dricka (The art of drinking) by Lennart Thölén from 1968 is reference to a an old German herb book from the 17th century (unfortunately there is no exact reference – so if you know the source please share) that discuss how to taste wine according to a formula called C.O.S.T.A.

  • Colare = by colour
  • Odore = by scent
  • Sapore = trough taste
  • Tactu = by feel or touch
  • Auditu = by hearing

At least the latter indicates that the wine should be discussed and the formula that the if all tasted in a similar way it should be easier to compeer notes.

I say lets continue the tradition and taste and enjoy wines and enhance the experience by sharing it with others, IRL and on-line 🙂

Magnus Reuterdahl


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