A full half turn from Austria

Yesterday I had a Halbturn red 2008 from Artisan wines, Burgenland, Austria. Great wine – note to self! Need to to stash up more for future enjoyment.

The wine is made of 92% st laurent and 8% zweigelt. St laurent is one of the grapes that knocked me out flat when I was in Austria, 2010, in conjunction with the European wine bloggers conference (EWBC). It’s a pinot noir clone that makes wines with a little wilder and darker tone, and with hints of aromatic spices, than classic pinot noir. This grape embodies in some way the Austrian minerals and mountain landscape – a little rougher and harsher than France. An interesting note is that the other grape of the wine, Zweigelt, is the result of cross breading between blaufränkisch and st. laurent, made by Fritz Zweigelt 1922.

The wine has a dense palate filled with red and dark berries, violets and a little floral touch. In style its pretty cool and has a long body with hints of fresh herbs, oak spices and a touch of fennel seeds. It has quite a long after taste with a nice dash of minerals and black peppers. All in all its a soft, lush and elegant wine, perfectly balanced with a long lingering finish. If you yet is to be convinced of the potential of Austrian reds this is the one!

Peder Molin, a Swedish wine importer and e-winedealer (Handlavin.se) that retails Franz Schneider’s wines in Sweden, has done this interview with Franz, in English. I met Franz in Vienna 2010 at the EWBC and he is a really nice guy and great wine maker well worth a check up!

Magnus Reuterdahl


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