Among wine bloggers & winelovers

Even way up in the barbaric, almost non-wine-growing, north we can muster up some serious wine tastings  🙂

Now and then a few Swedish wine bloggers get together and pop some good bottles from our own cellars. Most of us blogs in Swedish but some of us also blogs in English, check out the links at the end of the post. We make some good food, talk wine and try blind. It’s always a thrill to see what the others bring – one thing that’s certain is that its good! Blind tasting is difficult but a really good way to challenge your self and to learn how other think, to find those notes – a great way to learn from your own senses as well from others experiences. The last few times I haven’t bothered taking down notes at these king of tastings and instead let myself get lost in a land of tastes, scents and wine nerding.

So this is more a presentation of what we had to drink and eat last night – and few notes taken from memory.

Let’s start with the food – we did what we in Sweden call Pyttipanna which could be translated to small pieces in a pan, originally it was made from leftovers of past meals but now it is far more common to prepare pyttipanna from prime ingredients. In this case we used carrots, Jerusalem artichoke , pork – sliced into small pieces – fried it in a pan with a little olive oil and then put it the oven for 10-15 minutes so it gets a little crisp.

We also made some oven baked pork belly, mash potatoes and a red wine sauce – so good 🙂

We started in in style with a wine from Nahe, a riesling – Dönnhoff Hermannshöle Riesling 2007 Grosses Gewächs. Really nice, perfectly balanced – really love Dönnhoff!

Next a Hungarian red, Weninger Soproni Merlot Spern Steiner 2000, really nice – but I was way off on both grape and country, even though through hints we worked our way towards Austria – and this wine is grown just on the boarder between Hungary and Austria – slim, elegant and still young!

Next wine a red bourgogne – this was a pick I managed with out big problems; Hospices de Beaune 2000 Savigny les Beaune Cuvée Fouquerand. Fresh, great fruit, good balance!

Going white again – this wine got us into a bit of trouble, in retrospect this shouldn’t have been that difficult but once you hit the wrong track it’s difficult to switch; Bourgogne Chardonny 2008 Domaine Jean Grivot. Fresch, elegant, nice.

My contribution was a Portuguese thingy, I bought several bottle of this wine in 2008 or 09 and really liked them, a few of them ended up in the bottom of my cellar and I thought it would be fun to see how they developed. It have changed quite a bit, lots of red apples (I have nothing in my old notes of that), paint remover, spices – not what I thought but then again not bad; Quinta do Noval Douro doc 2004.

Time for some snacks, assorted cheeses, ham, olives etc.

More reds on the table Clos de L’Echo Chinon (1999 I think) – here I picked the region and grapes. Really nice wine.

Trilogia 2008 from Greece was yet on of these difficult wines to put in the right country, a well made wine but not really my style – interesting though!

Continuing with wines from counties you don’t taste that often, this time around it’s Slovenia: Edi Simcic 2004 Duet Lex. This is a really nice bordeaux blend; 80 % merlot, cabernet sauvignon och cabernet franc.

Another wine that should be easy to spot is a Barolo – or so you think – Rocche 2007 Barolo Renato Ratti caught us off guard and got us looking in all the wrong directions

To the sweet wines, and in this company one can expect the unexpected – an oldie – and for oldies you need special tools.

Vihno Generoso Cooperativa vitivinicola do Peso da Regua, ca 1930-1940, a sweet, not a port, not a madeira but somewhat in that region; lots of dried fruit, nuts, paintremover – complex and really nice 🙂 Always a treat to taste wines like these.

Still what is a night wine only one sweet wine? Muscat de St-Jean de Minervois 2005 Domaine de Barroubio got to be the finisher of yesterday night, a nice, well balanced muscat wine.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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Also a big thank you for lots of Italian goodies to Roberto Gatti from Gattimondo 🙂



  1. Nice and fast!

    You off doin your daily routine in the bathroom while we enjoyed the 2007 Rocche Barolo from Renato Ratti? 😉

    Hey, give credit to those who deserve it; bows to Roberto ( for bringing all the awesome samples. Really loved that parmesan!!

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