2011 what… 2012 here I come

New Years Eve should be a feast filled with fantastic food and wines, celebrated with friends – and in a best case scenario with friends that also are wine nerds – so that we did. I feel obliged to share a few of the wines we had and at the same time wish for a great 2012.

This New Year we started off with the finale, a fantastic Champagne; a 1979 Diebold-Vallois à Cramant. This 32 years old or young Champagne was truly amazing. If you got on- two or more in your celler its high time to let the taste buds enjoy themselves. A great mix of mature and fresh notes, balanced, elegant and just lovely. There was perhaps not all that much bubbles left but still there was a nice and bright acidity and fresh flavors. Notes of yellow apples, hints of sherry, nuts, bread, butter toffee and a little dried fruit – the taste is long, broad, deep and complex – and the aroma just keept on going…

To the champagne we ate duck liver mousse on toast and lobster soap – both great matches –though bring forth different types of flavors in the Champagne. The lobster soup, a great one, with deep sweet flavors brought the forth the maturity of the champagne giving it an almost regal touch whilst the duck liver brought out the young and fresh notes that made you forget all about the 32 years of maturing.

All in all a great Champagne and a very pleasant wine experience – I thank and bow to the contributor 🙂

After this we got to a roasted duck filled with truffles – and what is better than Pinot Noir to a duck? Well perhaps a white Bourgogne – we had both!

We started with a wine I’ve come to love; Mountford estate Pinot Noir 2007. I’ve had this on more than a few occasions this last year, though its been 8-9 months since last and though it was great when it opened up – this time around it need lots of oxygen. Maybe it has gone into somewhat of a tunnel, it felt just a tad flat, but then again when it opened up it showed its color and shone; elegant, lush and well-balanced – a really good match.

We also opened a Corton-Charlemagne 2003 from Pierre André – I love this, these wines are so me – complexed white wines with tons of Je ne sais quoi – elegant, fresh, long, regal with a fruity freshness, minerals, flints and lime, yellow apples, tropical fruits, oak and almonds. A Really, really nice wine with a long delightful aftertaste.

We also had the Corton. Charlamagne to some assorted cheeses and oysters.

There were more but this is what I share – these wines was a great way to end 2011 and start 2012 🙂

Magnus Reuterdahl



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