Pics from Christmas 2011

Yesterday was Christmas eve – the day when we celebrate Christmas in Sweden with Santa bringing gifts and we all feasting on food and candy.

The Swedish Christmas dinner, or what we call Julbord, is in many way the same as a smorgasbord which traditionally is based on what was called a brännvinsbord, i.e. snaps table. The Brännvinsbord, is a type of walking table dinner with at least five flights of food, starting with different types of pickled herrings, cold cuts, cheeses etc. and of course a lot of snaps. Snaps should not be confused with Schnapps from central Europe this is more or less spiced vodka. There are as many ways to spice up the spirits, many are local, and has slowly spread and become traditional. Common spicing is anise, wormwood, juniper, Hägg, St. John’s wort, dill, etc. but you can also season it with berries or exotic spices. The tradition of Brännvinsbord can be traced back at least to the 16th century – this evolved during the 18th and 19th century to the smorgasbord and is its golden age. Smorgasbord consists of both hot and cold dishes and is served as a dinner, with different pickled herrings, omelets, casseroles, sausages, meatballs, aspic and different puddings, cold meats, smoked salmon, eel, mackerel and pâtés. The point is to eat plenty of fat and proteins, why potato and vegetable are playing a rather modest role, to make it easier to drink lots of snaps. A lot of these dishes are also found on the Julbord – while perhaps a bit more specialized towards Christmas.

We had ham, meat balls, several types of pickled herrings, smoked & cooked salmon, spare ribs, sausages, cheese pie and much more and of course we had snaps. Other dinks included Champagne, Red wine and Christmas ale – different drinks to different foods.

After the dinner, that was just a be bit rich, we took a long walk in the Christmas night – partly to get some fresh air, partly to remember those who are no longer with us. The walk led to the local cemetary and as you can see we weren’t the only ones having this thought. Though there’s no snow the darkness together with all the lights and decorations creates a christmas feel .

Have an ongoing great Christmas weekand

Magnus Reuterdahl



  1. Love your photos. Thanks for sharing. If you are interested in more traditions, I have written several posts recentlys. Pls use Google translate as the blog is in swedish. Wishing you a great holliday.

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