Artisan Halbturn White 2009

At the EWBC in Vienna 2010 I met several exiting people, one of them Austrian wine maker Franz Schneider who runs Artisan wines in Halbturn, Burgenland. In Vienna we got to taste some great wines of his so when I found them in Sweden via the internet shop I was very pleased.

Someone once said that it’s a bad idea to review their friends children, the risk of stepping out of line is just to great. Now many winemakers seems to look at their wines as their children – so it can be difficult to be objective when it comes to friends wines – but when they are as good as this it really is child play 🙂

The style of the wine is somewhere between elegant and rich -it is fresh and vital and there is hint of flowers and meadows and there are lots of fruit; yellow apples, peach and mango. The fruity flavors are focused and nicely held together by a nice fresh acidity – surrounded by -oak notes with a buttery feel and hints of honey and oak spices that finishes on a note of freshly grained white peppers .On the one hand, this is a an easy wine – just due to the fact that it’s plainly good – on the other hand it’s complex as there are a multitude of flavors, some obvious and some more subtle, that plays with ones taste buds. This is very nice to food; the little buttery note lingers towards white Burgundy and the fresh exotic fruity tones rather drags you towards Rieslings or Grüner Veltliners – this should work wonders with fish, shellfish,bird or white meat, but also for good company – If you can get it buy it and enjoy 🙂

What else to say – my hat off for Franz – this is good work 🙂 To learn more on Artisan wines and Franz Schneider – check out this Aqua Vitae post (in English – I promise) or this interview.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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