EWBC 2012 – Turkey, Türkiye

Then we know, at last – EWBC 2012 will be in Turkey in the city Izmir (İzmir) formely known as Smyrna. Izmir is a costal city by the Gulf of İzmir.

My first thoughts are; exiting, fun with a wine country I know nothing or just little about – as a wine country. One could say EWBC back to basic – as it is said that it was in Turkey Noha planted a vineyard after the flood, presumeably at mount Ararat – which indicate that it wasn’t the first but if you belive the story it should still be mother of all vineyards today. Archaeological speaking winemaking goes back to the Stone Age. The wild Eurasian grapevine (Vitis vinifera sylvestris) is found fromSpain toCentral Asia. Cultivars, or varieties bred from the vine, account for nearly all of the wine produced today. The earliest attempts to cultivate vines goes back to the Neolithic’s and some believe that the first steps towards this was taken within the area that today is calledTurkey, possibly in the eastern parts.

Tickets ordered, we’re more or less on our way 🙂 – order your tickets at the new EWBC webpage.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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